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Large Cycle Lathe Offers Unimpaired Access for Easy Setup and Tool Visibility

With the C 400Z, the lathe specialists from GDW claim to be opening a new chapter in their Conturline model series.

Their largest cycle lathe is said to feature a modern, elegant design and innovative technology. The ergonomic, inclined bed-type construction with linear guidance in the X- and Z-axis facilitates a very good view of the tool and ensures unimpaired access during the machine setup. This not only saves time, it is the basis for high-precision operation and maximum positional accuracy.

The developers have placed great value on perfect visibility and operating proximity. The control panel is mounted on the left, designed to swivel, and can be adjusted longitudinally.

Adapted to the operating philosophy of the German manufacturers and the typical functions of their machines, the new development is claimed to usher in a pioneering operating culture for cycle-controlled precision lathes.

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