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New Metalworking Fluids Maintain Constant pH Levels for Less Odor and Longer Life

Metalworking fluids can suffer from bacterial growth and contamination, resulting in a shortened service life. This leads to pH depletion, unpleasant odors, unstable emulsion and poor performance. Additives and biocides have been the way to control this up to now.

The new XBB cutting fluid technology from Castrol, however, now maintains constant pH levels and stable conditions for longer than other standard cutting fluids. As the company stresses, this has been proven in lab tests and seen in real production conditions. This enables cost savings in top-ups, biocide, and frequent fluid changes, without harmful chemicals.

The new fluids are available in two variants. Castrol Hysol SL 36 XBB is optimized for metalworking with ferrous alloys, but has also been used successfully with aluminum. Castrol Alusol SL 61 XBB is described as a versatile, high-performance fluid. Its particularly high lubricity and wetting properties reportedly make it ideal for challenging tasks with aluminum alloys. Both formulas are designed to be low-foaming in soft water conditions.

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