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Deep Hole Drilling Drop Bed Machine Designed to Produce Large and Irregularly-Shaped Aerospace Components

UNISIG develops comprehensive solutions for any deep hole drilling application. The company's broad product portfolio addresses applications in practically every key industry segment and is complemented by UNISIG's full turnkey approach that includes machinery, tooling and automation.

One example of UNISIG's innovative technology is the new B700 Drop Bed machine. The company engineered it to effectively generate the critical, high-precision features on large and irregularly shaped aerospace components such as landing gear struts.

Conversely, the extreme flexibility of the machine allows it to also process medium sized, more uniform shaped workpieces with minimal changeover time.

The B700 offers an expansive working range with its servo programmable workpiece headstock capability, yet it sports a streamlined overall footprint that makes for space-saving installations and enhanced ergonomics. This is unlike other comparable deep hole drilling machines that are often inflexible dedicated systems as well as oversized and cumbersome.

The B700 machine expands UNISIG's extensive B-series line designed for on-center drilling of cylindrical workpieces in applications such as aerospace, defense and oil & gas. In addition to standard BTA drilling methods, these machines are also capable of counterboring, trepanning and skiving as well as roller burnishing processes. The machines easily maintain the extremely tight tolerance requirement of manufacturers in these and other industries.

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