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New Tool Magazine Offers Space for 70 Grinding Wheels; Changeover Time in 10 Seconds

Haas customers can now take another leap in productivity with the new high-capacity "shelf magazine."

On the Multigrind® CB grinding machine, the new Haas shelf magazine (2,000mmL x 2,400mmW x 3,200HmmH) offers space for 65 grinding wheels of up to 300 mm diameter. On the Multigrind® CA grinding machine, the shelf magazine can be equipped with up to 70 grinding wheels of up to 250 mm diameter. The magazine can also hold up to 20 coolant nozzles.

The new high capacity magazine enables customers to add more operations on a single part AND to dramatically reduce change-over time between different parts by loading wheels and tools for multiple part numbers in the magazine.

The Haas Horizon programming system maintains locations, dimensions and life information of all wheels and tools in the magazine in addition to programming the machine's grinding and automation functions.

Even with much more wheel capacity, tool change time on the new shelf magazine is only 10 seconds.

"We're not aware of any other tool magazine that offers as much space and flexibility," says Dirk Wember, Haas Multigrind's president.

All Haas Multigrind grinding centers are available with an automatic wheel changer. This feature enables Haas customers to combine multiple, high-precision, complex grinding and milling operations into a single part clamping and single machine cycle. Users can realize significant improvements in overall part quality and significant reductions in overall throughput time and cost.

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