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New Machining Center Features High Z-Axis; Ideal for Milling Tall Parts

Style, a Dutch company specializing in lathes, mills and control systems, has made an addition to their MC series to provide a modern, versatile CNC machine for demanding specialists.

The MC 1500 features axis motor-driven XYZ travels of 1,500 x 680 x 880 mm, a large table size of 1,700 x 600 mm, Class C3 tensioned ball-screw spindles to prevent thermal expansion and guarantee high accuracy, and a fully enclosed design.

As the manufacturers point out, the great range of the Z-axis allows operators to mill higher products. The machine is also particularly stable thanks to its special cast-iron frame, which allows a rapid speed of 24m and a feed rate of 12m.

All the centers in the series are suitable for small series and single pieces. A special merit of the new model is the control system, which has been developed in-house and is said to be accessible for the apprentice metalworker at the same time as offering wide functionality for the experienced operator. The CNC software is claimed to make complex operations such as the milling of dimensions, working with a fourth A-axis and programming with G-Codes easy to perform.

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