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Cryogenic Machining Now Offered on Doosan Machine Tool Platforms

5ME and Doosan Machine Tools America have joined forces to showcase the advantages of cryogenic machining, including faster processing, longer tool life, increased part quality and lower environmental impact.

"Cryogenic machining is particularly suited to the processing of tough materials like, Titanium, Diesel and Compacted Graphite Irons, Hardened/Stainless/Alloy Steels and Ceramic Matrix Composites," said Mike Judge, Executive Vice President of 5ME. "As a result of this Strategic Alliance Agreement with Doosan, 5ME's Cryogenic Machining Technology is now offered as an option across a variety of Doosan Machine Tool platforms, allowing manufacturers to address real-world production challenges."

5ME's unique, multi-patented cryogenic machining process is a breakthrough technology that enables higher metal removal rates and longer tool life by delivering liquid nitrogen at 321°F through the spindle/turret, cutter body, cutting tool, and directly to the cutting edge. This environmentally friendly machining technology increases throughput, part quality, tool life, and profitability, while eliminating cutting fluids and reducing energy consumption.

In Q4 2017, Doosan will sponsor an Open House at 5ME's Cryogenic Machining Technology Center in Warren, Michigan, during which a NHP6300 4-Axis HMC equipped with 5ME Cryogenics will be cutting a variety of tough-to-machine materials commonly used throughout the Aerospace & Defense, Auto/Truck, Construction/Agriculture/Mining, Die Mold, and Energy Industries.

"This partnership gives us the opportunity to show the productivity-boosting, quality-enhancing, energy-saving attributes of 5ME's Cryogenic Machining Technology, and assist manufacturers in their quest to process the materials of tomorrow with technology that's available today," said Henry Kim, Director -- DMTA Product Engineering.

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