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New Tool Ideal for Deburring Even and Uneven Bore Edges in a Single Operation

Heule Tool Corporation introduces new COFA-C Series tooling for deburring elliptical or contoured surfaces in larger diameters.

Replaceable solid carbide coated blades for holes from 6 - 26 mm are available from stock, with various coatings providing longer tool life and optimum performance based on materials being machined. This proven technology provides different blade and spring options to create the most effective deburring tool for any application depending upon hole geometry and material being machined.

The COFA-C series is designed for ID and OD elliptical deburring on even and uneven bore edges in a single operation. They are ideal for automotive and aerospace applications such as forks, yokes, common rails, castings, tubes with cross bores, and other workpieces with cross bores in main bores.

The larger sized C-series consists of an independent blade that is fit into a more rigidly guided blade holder. This increases the tool life and process capability. The blade itself requires less material and can be changed quickly. Different blade sizes are available for the same tool body, allowing different cutting diameters based on a specific application.

Controlled by a simple spring, the carbide cutting blade follows the contour of the hole's surface, removing all burrs while creating an even tapered corner break. The blade does not cut as it passes through the bore and will not damage the hole's surface. The edge break begins only at the point where the blade contacts the material and then tapers the hole's edge. This allows for faster feed rates since the tool slows itself down as it enters the through hole.

This simple concept has no adjusting screws or presetting requirements. The choice of spring is typically determined by the material being machined. Blades are available for cutting front and back or back cutting only. C-series tooling is available in common sizes from 6-26mm (.236 - 1.024 inches).

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