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New End Mills Feature Unique Geometry and Chip Breakers Designed for Trochoidal Milling

Emuge Corp. has introduced a new line of solid carbide end mills designed specifically for trochoidal milling. Emuge's new Trochoidal End Mills provide increased metal removal rates (MRR) of over 30 percent, fewer tool paths and longer tool life, while enabling a high axial depth of cut of up to 4XD.

The Trochoidal end mill series was developed specifically for advanced milling strategies available in modern CAM software to optimize the calculation of milling paths and avoid unproductive tool motion.

Trochoidal milling is a relatively new cutting strategy growing in use, that involves the overlapping of circular cutting paths with linear movement and is especially suitable for difficult to machine materials and thin-walled components. The small contact angle on the tool reduces heat generation during machining and promotes less thermal stress increasing tool life. The end mill is fully utilized over the entire flute length, resulting in wear that is evenly spaced over the full cutting edge, which also contributes to longer tool life. In addition, high MRR can be generated even on low-powered machines and wear is reduced during full slot milling.

Emuge Trochoidal End Mills feature low vibration characteristics such as variable spacing, variable helix angles and improved micro-geometries, along with new high performance coatings of TiN/TiALN or ALCR and a sub-micro grain carbide substrate. In addition, the newly developed chip breaker geometry reduces axial pull-out force and minimizes the risk of chip build up in pockets, since the resulting smaller chips can be easily removed with compressed air or coolant.

Emuge Trochoidal End Mills are available in two cutting geometries: Jet-Cut™ for both roughing and finishing in steel applications, and Coolant-Through TiNox-Cut™ for process-reliable roughing in tough materials such as Inconel, Titanium and Stainless Steel. Standard and long-length rougher/finishers with flute length/diameter ratios of 2:1, 3:1 and 4:1 are available for applications in a wide range of materials.

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