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Strongest Wedge Clamp on the Market

Mitee-Bite's OK-VISE® low-profile clamps function on the principle that when tightened down they expand, simultaneously pressing the workpieces against the guide and preventing any possibility of play.

These clamps are designed to fit between the workpieces and take very little space on the fastening base. Small in size, yet possessing excellent clamping force up to 33,000 LBS, these clamps guarantee a holding capacity which clearly exceeds the load imposed by machining forces. The clamps are the strongest available according to company officials.

The single wedge clamps keep the workpieces steadily in place, not allowing upward or downward movement.

The double-wedge clamps generate a pull-down action pressing the workpieces towards the fixture base.

Single-wedge clamps are also available with extended jaws that can be machined to suit the geometry of the workpiece.

A self adjusting steel ball is helpful when clamping castings and workpieces of irregular shape. Jaws are tapped with M5 threads for socket head screws allowing for custom "soft jaw" applications.

BK2 is available in high quality stainless steel to meet the demands of EDM applications.

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