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New Baby Chuck Guarantees High Speed Cutting with a 1 Micron Runout

BIG KAISER's Mega New Baby Chuck is now available up to ø1" clamping for drills, reamers and finishing end mills with .00004" runout accuracy. The Mega New Baby Chuck is the industry's highest precision and multi-purpose collet chuck system according to the company. It is designed for high-speed cutting and guarantees a 1 micron runout at the collet nose.

The Mega New Baby is perfect for cutting tools with a diameter up to ø25.4 mm and its high-speed design is offered in six different collet series sizes. These precise and versatile collet chucks are well accepted and recognized for their accuracy in high-speed applications.

Ideal length and diameter of the holder is the key to precision machining. If selection is limited, an increased tool extension reduces performance. BIG KAISER has 353 different versions available as standard, making it easier to select the perfect one.

Mega New Baby Chuck 25N has a clamping range of ø.610" - 1.000". The thrust ball bearings eliminate distortion of the collet during tightening and the patented design prevents the ball bearings from moving at high speed.

Additional features include:

The collet is inspected twice to guarantee accuracy. The material, production, heat treatment and every other part is selected for precision. BIG KAISER's Mega New Baby Chuck 25N is ready to take on any challenge on plant floors.

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