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Revolutionary Anti-Spatter Solution Reduces Cleaning Time for Laser and Plasma Cutting Tables from Days to Hours

Walter Surface Technologies has introduced E-Weld Plasma™, a revolutionary ceramic, water-based, anti-spatter solution that is applied to laser and plasma cutting tables to reduce slag build-up.

A true innovation in plasma and laser cutting, E-Weld Plasma™ offers a simple, yet efficient means of providing long-lasting protection -- even under extreme heat -- by inhibiting the adherence of slag.

E-Weld Plasma is applied to plasma and laser cutting tables with an ergonomic arm-mounted applicator. Users can quickly and easily coat areas as large as 500 square feet. A first-to-market product, E-Weld Plasma™ is applied by painting or spraying.

"E-Weld Plasma™ is a unique solution that decreases equipment maintenance time and eliminates the health and safety hazards associated with current cleaning processes for laser and plasma cutting tables," explained Jonathan Douville, Product Manager, Surfox, E-Weld and Finishing Solutions at Walter Surface Technologies.

"This is an exciting unveiling for our industry," continued Douville. "E-Weld Plasma™ provides great surface protection which increases the service life of work tables and makes cleaning operations much faster and safer."

E-Weld Plasma™ provides a significant productivity boost to metal fabricators who contend with extended downtimes to maintain their work tables. E-Weld Plasma™ is a label-free product that is applied in minutes and dries quickly. It reduces cleaning time from days to a few hours -- depending on size of the work table.

As an added benefit, the product can also be applied to surrounding equipment that is exposed to weld spatter or slag.

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