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New Software Enables CNC Training on Your Own PC

Siemens now offers its "SinuTrain for Operate" programs for all levels of machine utilization, from builder to programmer to set-up tech and operator, plus production and maintenance personnel, as all these individuals today are involved in the design, integration, performance, troubleshooting and monitoring of machine tool controls.

SinuTrain for Operate allows the user-friendly operation and CNC programming of SINUMERIK CNC controllers on a PC -- based on the original SINUMERIK CNC kernel. 
With SinuTrain for Operate, Siemens offers a practical solution for CNC training, which can be used both by beginners and experts in all facets of the machine tool industry.

From the very beginning, SinuTrain for Operate enables users to reinforce their programming and operating knowledge about the innovative CNC controller SINUMERIK 828D / 840D sl (Solution Line). This intuitive PC-based solution comprises a control-identical software that has been perfectly tailored to meet individual requirements of builders and end users alike.

Further, SinuTrain for Operate can be perfectly adjusted to the axis configurations of different makes and models of machines. This allows maximum compatibility of the CNC programs created offline with the machines used in production.

Because the training software includes an actual NC kernel, SinuTrain for Operate offers DIN/ISO programming with the programGUIDE feature, which guides users through the language, as well as Siemens ShopMill/ShopTurn workstep programming for the unique features of mill and lathe technology, multi-channel programming with programsSYNC, a distinct feature usable when, for example, a robot or transfer mechanism is utilized on the machine, plus the full range of graphic CNC simulation.

SinuTrain for Operate is available with numerous operator languages, so it is suitable for all established international programming methods, plus the system is scalable for all popular brands of machine tools to ensure compatibility in the CNC programs created.

Through the simulated, user-friendly SINUMERIK operation and CNC programming on the PC, plus the actual machine tool control panel display, programmers, operators and others involved with running the machines engage this training system with the full feel and function of an actual machine tool in operation.

The SinuTrain for Operate program runs on Windows XP or Windows 7 platforms.

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