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All-in-One Pallet Changer/Vacuum Chuck System Features "Magical" Workholding

Mitee-Bite's Vacmagic VM300 is a combined vacuum system and pallet changer that features a simple design to keeps costs low.

Vacmagic VM300 with vise mounted on a VM300 Blank Pallet



Easy to install and set-up, the Vacmagic VM300 includes traditional vacuum applications using a standard grid plate and custom vacuum applications; i.e., machining blank pallet to suit specific part geometry.

The VM300 offers vacuum pallets with M6 threaded holes and textured finish to increase friction. It is reliable and easy to use -- virtually maintenance free.

VM300 Base Unit with a Production Pallet



The rock solid pallet changer features a flexible pallet design -- limited only by your imagination. To maximize productivity, pallets can be loaded while machining. A quick change is possible as pallets can be swapped in 30 seconds or less with precise repeatability.

The VM300 uses standard shop air. No pumps are needed. Fixture clamps and sliding stops are included in the package.

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