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6-Axis Robot Adds Longer Arm Length, Higher Inertia, and Increased Load Mass for Greater Functionality

TM Robotics, in partnership with Toshiba Machine, has launched Toshiba Machine's newest TVM 6-axis robot line.

The new 6-axis robots are compatible with other Toshiba Machine products, including injection molding machines and machine tools, and are a great fit for companies that have significant material handling and general machine tending needs.

The new cost-effective TVM model is a vertically articulated robot series aimed at a multitude of industries, such as automotive components, medical, and packaging due to its high productivity in transfer and assembly and lightweight, reliable design.

Toshiba Machine has initially released three models of the TVM -- all with varying specifications:

Combined with Toshiba Machine's robot vision recognition package, TSVision3D, the TVM also supports easy implementation of bin-picking automation. With such convenience, no CAD data is necessary for model registration. Instead, the introduction of an automated system is supported with an easy calibration procedure.

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