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Next Generation Flap Discs Provide 236% Longer Tool Life

PFERD INC has introduced the POLIFAN® Z SG-POWER flap disc. The new flap disc features product enhancements which deliver up to 236 percent longer tool life than conventional flap discs.

In addition to its dramatically increased tool life and higher aggressiveness, the new POLIFAN® Z SG-POWER flap disc maintains consistent performance throughout the entire life of the tool yielding maximum economic value for the user.

This high-performance, zirconia alumina abrasive handles demanding grinding work, delivering optimum stock removal on high-powered angle grinders at higher contact pressures. It is available in grit sizes 40 and 60 in a Type 29 (conical) shape. Manufactured without the addition of fillers, the new POLIFAN® Z SG-POWER flap disc is rated for use on stainless steel (INOX) and steel. It excels in work on weld seams, chamfering, surface grinding steel, and more.

POLIFAN® Z SG-POWER lets users sustainably reduce vibration, noise and dust levels. In addition, the new flap discs provide for long, fatigue-free and resource-saving work, with excellent results in the shortest possible time.

POLIFAN® Z SG-POWER flap discs are available in conical, (Type 29) shape, 41/2, 5 and 7-in. diameters with either 5/8-11 threaded or 7/8 in. plain arbor hole.

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