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New Pocket Milling Cutter Features Unique Geometry for Angled Entry

Time-consuming ramping processes or pilot bores are frequently the order of the day when milling pockets. In order to save these machining steps, MAPAL has developed the new solid carbide OptiMill-Uni-HPC-Pocket milling cutter for the highly efficient universal machining of steel, stainless steel and cast iron.

The milling cutter has a unique face geometry with an integrated drill tip. This geometry makes the milling cutter very suitable for angled entry at up to 45 degrees, for helix milling and even for grooving. The specially developed point thinning together with three large chip flutes guarantee an optimum discharge of chips. Chip congestion is practically ruled out.

The special cutting edge preparation in conjunction with a wear-resistant coating and ductile carbide substrate also ensure long tool lives.

With the new OptiMill-Uni-HPC-Pocket, the pilot bore and hence tool changing can be eliminated during the machining of pockets. Closed contours are thus reliably machined with just one tool, and that with feed rate possibilities (ap) of up to 2xD.

The OptiMill-Uni-HPC-Pocket in the designs "long" and "overlong" with cylindrical shank form HB is available in the diameter range 5.7 to 20 mm.

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