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Venture Capital Firm Invests $5 Million in 3D Printers That Can Mix Metals in a Single Part

Digital Alloys, Inc. a leading provider of high-speed, multi-metal additive manufacturing systems, has announced a $5M Series A financing led by Khosla Ventures that funds the launch of its first products. The Digital Alloys system prints production-quality parts, in almost any metal, at a fraction of the cost of other metal 3D printers. The company's printers have the unique ability to mix multiple metals in a solid part, enabling customers to push the limits of design and create new products with enhanced thermal, electrical, magnetic, and mechanical properties.

Digital Alloys was formed in January 2017 as a spin-off from the NVLabs division of New Valence Robotics, Inc. (NVBOTS). NVBOTS, under the leadership of Chairman and Founder AJ Perez, will continue growing the NVPro automated polymer 3D printer business. NVLabs will be announcing new initiatives in the upcoming weeks.

"We are pleased to add one of the world's top venture capital firms to the Digital Alloys team," said Duncan McCallum, CEO of Digital Alloys Inc. "Khosla Ventures has deep expertise and connections in the additive manufacturing industry that will help accelerate the launch of our first products."

"Digital Alloys is building the fastest metal 3D printer we've seen, and it uses low-cost wire as its raw material. These factors will yield large advantages in cost-per-printed-part," said Dr. Vijit Sabnis, venture partner at Khosla Ventures. He added that "the ability to mix metals in a single part will enable customers to create new products with thermal, electrical, magnetic, and mechanical properties that would be impossible to achieve any other way."

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