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Portal-Style 5-Axis Milling Center Ideal for Large Aerospace Components

The large Powermill machining center from Mecof provides users precision, high dynamics, operational flexibility, and cost-effectiveness in a massive travelling gantry 5-axis milling center.

With its moving bridge structure, Powermill permits loading of large, heavy workpieces on the stationary work table from overhead or from either end of the machine, making it ideal for handling aerospace components. Simple overall design makes possible easy positioning, set up, and clamping of huge workpieces of practically unlimited weight.

Users may specify travel in X/Y/Z: basically unlimited longitudinal, X-axis travel, and from 4,5,-6 and even 7 meters of Y- axis stroke with vertical ram stroke from 1.5 to 2.5 m plus several milling head options, automatic head exchange systems are available to create a suitable solution for a wide range of large parts. Double CNC platforms on each column with vertical adjustment, 120 pocket or more tool changer, laser checking of tool and workpiece to assure precise setup, high pressure tool cooling system, volumetric compensation and more are available. Axes feed rate is 30 m/min.

The mechanical universal milling head provides 6000 rpm, 38 kW (S1), 1000 Nm (S1), or users can choose a milling head with a straight head or with high-Speed motorized spindles, or indexed or full 5-axis contouring milling heads, to suite the material being machined and the geometric shape.

The box-in-box structure of Mecof machines assures machine structure rigidity, supporting high precision work over long axis travels. The massive structure combined with agility allows flexible, productive machining of many different types of parts.

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