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Coolant-Through Threadmill Solutions Offer Longer Tool Life and Less Breakage for Blind Hole Applications

Allied Machine & Engineering Corp. adds to their existing threadmill line, now offering a complete range of coolant through threadmill solutions that are ideal for blind hole applications.

Allied's coolant through threadmill solutions, significantly improve chip evacuation when threading blind holes. They reduce tool deflection and provide straighter and more precise thread forms. End users will also achieve longer tool life and experience less tool breakage due to chip build up.

Offered in both inch-shank and metric-shank options, inventory is available for all carried items. Fast delivery times are guaranteed, with same-day shipping on inventoried items. Currently there are over 100 different items available including a variety of threadforms, diameters, and lengths, with new coolant through threadmill options being added regularly.

Allied's coolant through threadmill solutions, ideal for numerous applications in the mold and die, oil and gas, aerospace, and automotive industries, are a far more versatile solution for producing screw threads than other options, including high performance taps. They are perfect for materials that generate heat, especially high temperature alloys, high strength alloys, and stainless steel used in aerospace and oil and gas applications. Unlike taps, threadmills can produce a variety of thread diameters as well as right or left hand threads.

The new Allied design features a thick core geometry, which maximizes the coolant hole size through the center. The increased core diameter strengthens the tool and allows more coolant flow-through, resulting in faster flushing and better cutting edge cooling.

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