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Versatile 4-Axis Fiber Laser Part Marking System Ideal for Cutting Tools, Surgical Instruments, Medical Implants

DAPRA's versatile Graphix laser marking workstations offer 4-axis marking capabilities within a compact Class 1 enclosure, with a choice of 10W or 20W fiber laser source. Mark alphanumeric text (linear, angular and radial), drawings, logos, geometric shapes, UPC barcodes, Data Matrix codes, QR codes, serial numbers and much more using simple, intuitive Windows™-based GUI laser software.

Graphix laser marking workstations offer a generous marking window and part locating surface. An electric Z-axis provides 300mm (11.8") of adjustable vertical positioning, making the workstation ideal for complex parts with multiple marking locations.

A rotary device is available for marking around diameters. A two-position door allows for easy loading/unloading parts, and an optional side access door allows for marking of long parts. These turnkey, easy-to-set-up workstations include the laser source, lens, focal and electronic control system.

The Graphix workstation is ideal for medical, automotive, aerospace, military and electronics part marking applications, among many others. Mark metal and plastic surgical instruments, medical implants, cutting tools, components, tags, name plates, appliances and much more. Class 4 inline systems are also available for production line applications.

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