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New Wet/Dry Industrial Vacuum Handles High Volume Recovery of Coolant / Liquids, Metal Chips and Shavings; 10x Longer Lifespan

VAC-U-MAX has announced a new addition to the companies' industrial vacuum cleaning product range, the Model 55E11 -- the first wet/dry drum-top industrial vacuum cleaner designed for long-life in harsh metalworking environments.

The unit operates on 110V / Single-phase or 220V / Single-phase power, and offers VAC-U-MAX's well-known heavy-duty design. The Model 55E11 features a continuously operating brushless vacuum motor with a lifespan of up to ten times longer than the typical shop-type vacuum cleaners.

In addition, the 55E11 has a unique filtration system that is washable, impact-resistant, and mildew resistant, ideal for machine shop and metalworking environments. The 55E11 is also designed and equipped with the reliable VAC-U-MAX AutoVac Cutoff device which prevents overfilling of liquids in the drum, with the VAC-U-MAX design replacing the typical flimsy and unreliable float balls inside cages.

Typical applications for the VAC-U-MAX 55E11 include metalworking and machine shop environments requiring high volume recovery of liquids, liquids with solid materials such as metal chips and shavings, swarf, steel shot / grit, finishing debris, or applications requiring the emptying of machine tool sumps, machine tool beds, parts washers, rinse tanks, or liquid spills.

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