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New 3D Printer Offers Selective Laser Melting for Small Metal Parts

German industrial machining and tooling equipment manufacturer, Trumpf, has added another type of metal 3D printing technology to its portfolio. This makes Trumpf the only manufacturer to offer all of the major laser 3D printing technologies.

Their new LMF 3D printer debuted last month. The new TruPrint 1000 LMF 3D printer works like a selective laser melting 3D printer, using a powder bed process to build three-dimensional parts by laying down a thin layer of metal powder materials onto the build surface while a 200-watt laser fuses the layer of powder along the contour of the part being printed.

The technology is capable of fabricating objects with extremely complex geometries not possible with traditional metal manufacturing processes, including objects with internal channels and hollow spaces.

The TruPrint 1000 is designed for manufacturing jewelry, dental applications and for materials research. It has a build volume of only 100 mm in diameter and 100 mm tall, making it one of the smallest available metal printers.

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