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Precision Cartridge Mandrel Offers Internal Clamping on Workpieces as Small as 10mm

RÖHM Products of America recently introduced the lightweight, compact AGILIS power-operated cartridge mandrel clamping system. This new mandrel provides consistent, rigid workpiece ID clamping of very small diameters for grinding, turning, milling, drilling and measuring applications.

The AGILIS's mandrels axially draw in workpieces against a rigid workstop and hold workpieces with diameters as small as 10 mm with concentricity tolerances well within 0.01 mm. The clamping system's sturdy design includes hardened clamping segments and guides that deliver uniform performance throughout long production runs. For flexibility, AGILIS is compatible with both 269-90 and 267-20 types of intermediate flanges.

An available manual quick-change system cuts the time needed to switch out clamping devices on the AGILIS. The quick-change system employs adapter plates to accommodate RMS quick-clamping screws. With quick-clamping screws, operators can complete manual clamping changes in approximately 30 seconds, all while maintaining positioning accuracy within 0.005 mm. The manual quick-change technology enables the use of central lubrication and airflow measurement devices.

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