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Revolutionary Oil Mist Collector Approaches 99.5% Efficiency

Oil mists created by metalworking processes requiring coolants and lubricants create significant health and safety hazards for workers. RoboVent has an answer with RoboVent Clarion™, a revolutionary oil mist collector that effectively clears oil- and particulate-laden air in the most demanding manufacturing environments.

"Traditional oil mist collectors such as centrifugal or electrostatic type collectors aren't able to remove the tiny particles created by today's industrial processes," explains RoboVent Managing Director John Reid. "Often, when we measure the air coming out there is almost as much oil as there was going in. Clarion's packed-bed filtration system provides superior oil mist collection for a safer, healthier workplace."

RoboVent Clarion uses packed-bed filters designed to capture tiny oil droplets and let them coalesce into larger droplets. When enough liquid accumulates, it simply drains off of the filter media into the collection area, and often can be returned and recycled to the process. The filter cleans itself as liquid flows off the surface, carrying solid particulate with it.

The RoboVent filters approach 99.5 percent collection efficiency on 0.3-micron particle sizes, making them highly effective for both mechanically and thermally generated oil mists. They continue to work even when fully saturated, so they have a long life compared to typical filter media, often up to two or three years.

The Clarion Series also features rugged construction and energy-saving features such as an energy-efficient all-in-one blower and motor combination and the optional eDrive® Automatic VFD, which automatically adjusts the motor RPM to compensate for filter loading.

The units come completely assembled and ready for use and are easy to install and maintain. Clarion technology is suitable for all types of oil, including petroleum-based, vegetable-based, soluble oils, synthetics and semi-synthetics.

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RoboVent Clarion

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