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New Fiber Laser's Air Assist Technology Produces Higher Cutting Speeds and Lower Costs

Cincinnati Incorporated (CI) will showcase its new CL-960 fiber laser at this year's FABTECH show and conference.

Building upon the solid design and performance of the company's CL-900 laser series, the CL-960 Fiber Laser introduces a clean new look with productivity enhancements. Show attendees will also have an opportunity to witness the new laser's air assist cutting capabilities. In many instances air can be a cost-effective assist gas alternative to nitrogen or oxygen.

Engineered for manufacturers requiring fiber laser precision and speed, the CL-960 processes thin material faster while cutting up to 3/4 inch thick steel. Air assist cutting and reliable linear drive motors boost productivity while lowering production and maintenance costs. With its Human Machine Interface (HMI) and user-friendly touchscreen controls, the intuitive CL-960 allows operators of all levels to maximize the machine's advanced laser cutting capabilities.

Additional features include:

CINCINNATI Product Manager, Todd Kirchoff comments: "The CL-960 Fiber Laser leverages air assist cutting technology. Substituting air as an assist gas in place of nitrogen has two key advantages; lower operating costs and higher cutting speeds. While others are relatively new to this approach we've been leading the way with air assist cutting for more than ten years."

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