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High Speed Precision Cutter Creates Consistent and Efficient Cuts for Busy Plants

Buehler, a manufacturer of scientific equipment and supplies for use in materials analysis, is introducing the IsoMet High Speed, a precision sectioning machine designed specifically to create consistent and efficient cuts.

The IsoMet High Speed precision cutter sections any sample with efficiency, consistency and precision using diamond or abrasive blades. It is a robust saw that provides consistent sectioning performance for busy plants with the following key features:

Product Manager, Chelsea Frid states, "The IsoMet High Speed is available in two formats -- the High Speed and the High Speed Pro. Both provide strength and power to produce quality cut surfaces. In the High Speed Pro version, Buehler has added additional abilities to improve user experience with a laser for visual blade alignment and an automatic dressing system to maintain diamond blade quality throughout the cut."

Buehler offers a complete selection of IsoMet High Speed accessories, including Rapid Rail Vise Holder, Single Saddle Chuck, Double Saddle Chuck, quick clamp vises, dressing wheels and external recirculation tank.

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