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Press Brakes' Hydraulic Crowning System Automatically Adjusts for Accuracy

The makers of Piranha ironworkers have added a new line of press brakes to the Piranha family, aiming to give customers durable, high-quality machines for an expanded range of fabrication needs.

Piranha's new design was born from the need for mid-market machines that can handle tough jobs, accurately, time after time. "Our customers have been asking us to bring back a press brake offering, especially one with high-end specs at a reasonable price," said Scott Donahy, Piranha Press Brake Product Manager. "Our new line answers that need."

Central to the value proposition is the EasyCrown™ Hydraulic Crowning System, a standard feature on WPH and WPB models. EasyCrown eliminates guesswork and rework through automatically compensating for deflection through hydraulic cylinders in the brake's bed. The operator simply programs the part, the material type, thickness and tools into the easy-to-use Delem controls, and it automatically adjusts for accuracy.

"EasyCrown is a perfect example our quest for top-notch quality and efficiency," said Donahy. "This feature greatly improves part accuracy, and it's so easy to use."

The new Piranha press brakes are available in four models, ranging from 30-3,000 tons, including options for large tonnage tandem brakes and electric servo-driven machines.

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