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New Laser Marking Technology Brings Color to Metal

Laser marking -- or etching -- has been used by industries for decades with very little advancement in the laser marking technology itself. Until now.

Finland originated Cajo Technologies has invented and patented new ways to operate pulse fiber laser beam in order to achieve impressive improvements in a number of areas.

The sophisticated new technology allows for laser marked colors consistently and repeatedly on stainless steel. Cajo Technologies has patented this feature. Color laser marking allows for companies to brand their products such as Consumer Electronics devices, tools, or vehicles with corporate colors.

Related to rich colors, Cajo lasers can produce black markings that are a deep dense black tone. This helps with readability of markings on, for example, darker surfaces. Equally the dense rich white is extremely readable on a darker surface.

Because of the high precision of Cajo laser solutions, new use cases emerge. For example, Cajo lasers can mark readable QR codes and barcodes on an extremely tiny surfaces such as electronic components. This will allow for companies to create more efficient inventory and space part management processes. In addition to this, the patented technology allows for unique and uncopiable markings for brand protection.

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