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Holographic Computer Headset Gives 3D Help in Operator Training, Troubleshooting, and Prototyping

At IMTS, Radix Inc. unveiled an augmented reality solution for manufacturing based upon Microsoft Corporation's "HoloLens" hardware platform.

This wearable, self-contained, holographic computer is an augmented reality headset, displaying a three dimensional image for the user.

Holographic augmented reality can aid in operator training, system troubleshooting and assembly process prototyping, presenting a powerful tool for intelligent manufacturing.

Chuck Curtiss, President of Active Industrial Solutions, says "We couldn't be more excited about this innovative platform and the possibilities it presents for the digital factory."

Founded in 1994, Radix has been recognized for its innovative solutions for manufacturers, with award winning vision systems and other advanced manufacturing technologies at leading companies like Ford Motor Company, Magna and Toyota. Radix has been a certified partner with Microsoft since 1996.

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