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Upgraded CNC Software Automatically Calculates and Adjusts Control Loop Parameters and Damping Filters for Drive Optimization

Siemens offers new features for increasing machine precision with its software version 4.7 for Sinumerik Operate.

The new software-supported features increase machining precision while also improving machine productivity. For example, the Sinumerik Auto Servo Tuning algorithm makes it possible to optimize machine dynamics, so control loop parameters and damping filters can be automatically calculated and adjusted for drive optimization. Where flexible production leads to changes in the mass of workpieces, tool holders or tools on a machine, the parameters for increasing productivity and quality can be adjusted via Auto Servo Tuning.

With the latest software version 4.7 for Sinumerik Operate, the algorithm can be activated directly via the CNC program on the Sinumerik 840D sl. As a result, each time the processing parameters change, an optimization occurs between processing steps, leading to superior precision and maximum productivity on the machine.

The Adapt Jerk Filter Time (AJET) feature for the Sinumerik 840D sl CNC starts by optimizing motion sequences. Producing a workpiece typically involves a sequence of interpolations and fast traverse. This is clearly evident in drilling patterns, for example. AJET recognizes these different phases and switches between the parameters for improved precision with maximum acceleration. By automatically switching between operating parameters, a machine achieves the best possible quality during the machining phase and superior productivity during the positioning phase.

This latest software version 4.7 for the Sinumerik Operate system also includes machine optimizations, such as improved friction compensation. Friction between materials occurs in every machine tool and has a negative effect on contour accuracy. Today, every Sinumerik CNC includes friction compensation for this reason, thereby proactively compensating for contouring errors due to static or sliding friction.

With the latest software version 4.7, Sinumerik 840D sl and Sinumerik 828D also offer new speed-dependent compensation for friction, greatly reducing friction-dependent path deviations. This ensures consistently high contour accuracy and workpiece precision. Guided masks further support initial operation.

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