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New Honing Machine Delivers Next Generation Bore Sizing and Finishing with Ultra-Accurate Size Control

Sunnen's new SH-6000 KROSSGRINDING® machine delivers even higher precision roundness, straightness, bore size and finish than I.D. grinding, and with tighter tolerances.

The SH-6000 yields consistent and accurate bore size control tolerances to .00025mm (.000010") by utilizing diamond plated or metal bonded abrasive tooling for maximum performance.

"It is engineered for jobs requiring ultra-accurate size control, but we also improved operator productivity with a focus on easy setup and operation, as well as better reliability and simple maintenance," said Phil Hanna, Product Manager, Sunnen.

Designed to allow inexperienced operators to run the machine efficiently and safely, the SH-6000 comes standard with stone wear compensation, feed speed regulation, multi-step feed, spindle reverse, in-process speed change and short stroking, part counter and thirteen operator languages. The intuitive Siemens PLC interface with a large 225mm (9") touch screen stores more than 1000 setups, which are easily saved and retrieved.

A proven, runout-adjustable spindle with direct CGT tooling connection makes it well suited for quick changeover for medium-to-high volume production operations. The SH-6000 is compatible with Sunnen CGT, CRT, MMT, SRT, and TC tooling series.

A robust 25mm Bosch Rexroth servo controlled ball screw stroker assures precise positioning and consistent performance and wide stroker carriage accepts all standard fixtures. Custom fixturing plates can be ordered.

The generous ergonomic work area comes standard with a rear-mounted, large-capacity electrical enclosure, but can be ordered on the right or left side to easily adapt to floor space limitations. The easy-to-maintain standard coolant system has a 208L (55 gallon) capacity and is equipped with a PF filter cartridge, magnetic separator, quick disconnect lines and a level gage.

Both high-speed and high-torque models are available to replace existing CGM/KGM models and for new applications.

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