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First "App Store" for Cobots a Major Plus

If you visit Universal Robots' IMTS booth; you'll simply walk right up to one of their robots on display, grab a touchscreen, follow the intuitive user interface, and in less than two minutes you'll have mastered a robot move.

That's the easy part. Outfitting the robot arm with the required end-effectors and accessories required to handle automation tasks, however, can be a trial-and-error process. Up until now there never has been an "app store" where you quickly find everything from grippers to software, and vision cameras -- all in one place. All designed, tested and certified to work flawlessly with the UR robot arms.

Universal Robots+ is that app store. This new online showroom not only enables end users to hit the ground running when integrating UR robots, it's also an un-paralleled collaboration between Universal Robots and the flourishing ecosystem of developers of UR robot applications.

Many of these solutions will be featured at their IMTS booth.

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