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High-Pressure Vises for Milling, Drilling and Grinding Offer 18,000 lbs. Clamping Pressure

Dapra Corporation now offers a full line of Arnold high-pressure vises that provide controllable power and dependable clamping for a wide variety of workholding applications.

The Arnold family of vises, manufactured by world leader Fresmak, includes durable solutions that are suitable for milling, grinding, drilling, toolroom and production work. These vises are manufactured to precision tolerances and accurate standards to ensure reliability and long life.

Arnold's all-purpose Classic Hydravise provides up to 18,000 lbs. of clamping pressure, with jaw widths ranging from 3.5" to 8". Hydraulic and mechanical spindles are available, as are narrow base configurations for applications requiring close mounting.

Dapra also offers Arnold vises that are designed for horizontal and vertical machining centers; twin workpiece clamping; and 5-axis machining (featuring tall jaws). Self-centering vises with small footprints are available without high-pressure clamping.

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