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High Powered Lathe Accommodates Large Workpieces with New Bed Length

The LB3000 EX-II is Okuma's premier 1-saddle lathe. It's available with milling function and Y-axis capabilities and features an optional extended bed length that is 30 percent longer on the L, M and MY models.

The LB-EX platform is well-known for its speed, accuracy, and reliability which enable a variety of configurations and allows the machine to be used for many industries, including oil and gas. AT IMTS 2016 this machine will be shown cutting a gear ring.

Built with Okuma's box slant-bed design, the LB provides unsurpassed rigidity and extreme thermal stability which is especially important when used in facilities with uncontrolled environmental conditions.

This 2-axis CNC lathe is the largest horizontal lathe in Okuma's Affordable Excellence collection of machines and is equipped with Okuma's high power, high torque PREX motor, delivering high quality machining for heavy to high-speed cutting.

This versatile machine provides the capacity to efficiently turn and mill pipe-type products with a through-hole diameter that can accommodate larger work pieces. It's also available in two bed lengths.

The spindle design allows flexibility of feeds and speeds to cut workpieces of a variety of materials and yields excellent surface finish and impressive metal removal rates.

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