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10x Longer Lifespan with New Wet/Dry Industrial VAC for Harsh Metalworking Environments

VAC-U-MAX, famous for inventing the world's first air-powered industrial vacuum cleaner, announces its Model 55E11: the first wet/dry drum-top industrial vacuum designed for long-life in harsh metalworking environments for operation on 110V/1ph or 220V/1ph power.

Besides the well-known VAC-U-MAX heavy-duty design, the brushless vacuum motor can operate continuously with a lifespan up to 10X longer than common shop-type vacuum cleaners.

In addition, the 55E11 has a unique filtration system that is washable, impact-resistant and mildew resistant -- perfect for the machine shop environment. The 55E11 is also equipped with the reliable VAC-U-MAX AutoVac Cutoff device which prevents overfilling of liquids in the drum -- no flimsy, unreliable float balls inside cages.

At IMTS 2016, VAC-U-MAX will be exhibiting the latest advancements in industrial vacuum cleaning for high volume recovery of various materials including liquids, liquids with solid materials such as metal chips and shavings, swarf, steel shot / grit, and various other metalworking and finishing debris; for applications including emptying machine tool sumps, machine tool beds, oil/water separation, abrasive finishing equipment or any application requiring the quick and efficient clean-up of parts washers, rinse tanks, or liquid spills.

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