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New Fine-Grinding Machine Eliminates Water (and Potential Contamination) from Cooling Process

Supfina has added fine grinding to its extensive portfolio of surface-finishing systems, applying decades of expertise to create its new SPIRO series.

Because the SPIRO eliminates water from the cooling process, there's no chance of contamination -- thus drastically reducing costs (the coolant is also recycled). The machine's sturdy base keeps vibration to a minimum, greatly reducing tool wear, while SPIRO's modular, customizable design allows quick tooling changes and easy accessibility. For example, the upper part of the machine swivels, allowing fast loading/unloading of a wide variety of parts.

No matter the material, the SPIRO series can achieve highly precise plane parallelism (≤ 1.0 µm) for precision bearings, pump gears, and valve plates, to name but a few parts. And because they can be processed in batches -- up to 20 times faster than lapping and with more precision than double-disk grinding -- costs per part are furthered reduced.

Supfina will unveil the SPIRO at IMTS 2016

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