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Dual Turret, Dual Y-Axis Machine Ideal for Medical Industry

Eurotech's new Rapido B436-Y2 will make its debut at IMTS 2016.

This new style machine is a dual turret, dual y-axis machine with dual spindles and 6 HP live tool on every station. It has both a sub spindle that travels in 2-axis with software to deliver three tools in the cut simultaneously. It also uniquely has a programmable tail-stock that can be used simultaneously with the sub spindle, and has a ridiculously fast turret index.

Manufacturers worldwide (especially those in the medical industry) are turning to this new style European machine made with the technology of Europe's Technic Valley -- known for producing the toughest parts; parts that they previously machined on swiss style machines, ranging in size from 23mm to 38 mm.

The Rapido can easily produce complex parts with heavy duty turning: 15 HP integral spindles on main and sub, two 12 station servo turrets with EGS tooling allowing up to 96 cutting tools, and live tooling on each station (up to 48). It holds a few tenths tolerance all day and all night and machines tough material easily. It has up to three times as much work space inside and you do not get the normal nesting of chips that are inherent on swiss machines.

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