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Turning Center Features New Intelligent Technology While Providing Thermal Stability, Chatter Prevention

Okuma's new LU3000 EX-M turning center is designed for reliability, longevity and maximized up-time. AT IMTS 2016 this machine will feature the new Machining Navi T-g Intelligent Technology and will be shown cutting a threading suite on 1045 steel with tooling from ISCAR, a member of Partners in THINC.

The LU3000 EX-M is built as an integrated production system with one goal in mind -- to provide the customer with a machine that makes precision parts with the highest level of efficiency for years of trouble free production. This machine features a compact design, heavy duty, cast iron base, in addition to optimized CNC control, motors and drive systems that are specifically designed to work together for maximum machine performance.

With a powerful main spindle and dual servo turrets capable of simultaneous, synchronized control, the LU3000 EX-M has the power and flexibility to produce parts with the highest level of efficiency -- two tools in the cut maximize production. In addition, Okuma offers a series of functions specifically designed to enhance and simplify simultaneous 4-axis turning -- including a single programming file for both turrets, and the ability to program both turrets as if they were the upper turret operating on the left spindle.

Consistent quality is a key requirement for automotive production. The LU3000 EX-M, designed and built around Okuma's Thermal Friendly Concept, is capable of producing high quality parts across multiple shifts despite changing environmental temperatures. With its box-slant bed design the LU3000 EX-M experiences minimal thermal growth over time.

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