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New Grasshopper Clamp -- Safe, Efficient Way to Position Small Parts for Tack Welding

Strong Hand Tools® has introduced the new GRASSHOPPER Clamping Tool -- the safe, convenient way to steady small parts for tack welding.

The clamp holds small parts such as: bolts, nuts, tabs, and thin metal plates for tack welding at odd angles with full welding clearance. Welders frequently resort to holding small parts in tight or narrow areas with their fingers. The GRASSHOPPER, frequently referred to as a "Welding Finger," performs this function safely and efficiently.

The brass tips of the GRASSHOPPER rest against even the smallest, thinnest metal or Stainless Steel parts. Adjust the Grasshopper by sliding the upper arm or leg base against the weighted body to provide the proper stability and balance in each unique tack welding setup.

The PRO Model GRASSHOPPER, Part No. AGH130P, includes three brass tips, a grounding ribbon, and a Spring Clip attachment for holding small rods or steadying thin metal plates.

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