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Quick-Swap Fixture System Now Speeds Optical Comparator Inspections

Phillips Precision, Inc. of Boylston, MA offers the Inspection Arsenal™ Loc-N-Load™ quick-swap fixture system for faster optical comparator inspections.

The industry changing LEAN fixture concept speeds inspection on traditional CMM's and Vision systems, gage arms, laser trackers, and will now further enhance the value of your optical comparators.

New for comparator inspection is a simple bundled system consisting of a 6" docking rail, 2 6x12" Loc-N-Load™ plates and a work holding kit to help hold most any part. Items can be purchased individually or in a preconfigured bundle.

The small docking rail secures to the t-slot table while the magnetically interlocking plates quickly and accurately secure and release. By fixturing on quick-swap plates, operators can change parts in and out without building and breaking down setups. For high quantity part lots, affordable plates can be dedicated and kept with the job box for fast, repeatable setups.

Inspection Arsenal™ offers the only quick-swap fixture system made to fit optical comparators. Companies can standardize fixturing affordably across all traditional CMM's and Vision systems with the Inspection Arsenal™ full line of interlocking fixture plates and non-marring work holding.

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