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6-Axis Milling Machine Ideal for Small Molds and Prototypes

Fidia Co. will feature a K199 high-speed 6 axis milling center with rotary table, C-40 vision numerical controls with integrated ViMill system and a variety of large milling heads at IMTS 2016.

The K199 is Fidia's most compact K series machine and represents the ideal solution for all small and medium size molds and prototype manufacturers. The machine design features a cast iron bed and worktable for high loading capacity, a rotary table for 6-axis capability, continuous, powerful, compact bi-rotary milling head, and a standard C-20 numerical control.

The Fidia C-40 vision numerical control is believed to be the most powerful numerical control on the market for advanced CNC high-speed milling and multi-axis applications. The control is equipped with a Quad core processor, state-of-the-art graphic processor and a 64 bit Windows® 7 operating system which allows for precise execution and virtual machining of the tool path using the Fidia ViMill system.

The C-40 control demonstrated at IMTS will also be equipped with a V5 software package for axes control that significantly improves the performance of high-speed milling machines.

Fidia will also be displaying their larger 5 axes positional and fork-type milling heads from their complete milling head line. These M5 5 axes bi-rotary heads are for medium size and large milling machines that perform the complete machining cycle, from roughing to finishing, where higher torque and power are required.

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