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EcoFilter Conveyor and Filtration System Ideal for Entry Level and Mid-Priced Turning and Machining Centers

Jorgensen Conveyors' EcoFilter® conveyor utilizes an innovative two stage metal chip removal and coolant filtration design. Primary large chip removal is done with a hinged steel belt conveyor and in a secondary process, fines are separated from the coolant via flow through a wedgewire filter cell.

In Jorgensen's patent-pending, self-cleaning design, brushes wipe these fines from the surface of the wedgewire where they can then flow to the bottom of the conveyor. The conveyor belt cleats on the bottom run of belt then scraps the separated fine chips back to the top of the belt for discharge.

Benefits of this design:

The EcoFilter® Conveyor has been well-received by customers. One customer uses a Vertical Machining Center to do high-volume machining of aluminum parts. They had a serious chip migration problem where a high majority of the chips would migrate to the coolant supply tank. Tank baskets and screens needed cleaning multiple times a day and weekly machine shut downs were necessary to clean out the coolant tank which was virtually filled with chips. Machine supply pumps were fouling and failing due to chip migration into the pump inlets. Filters had to be put on the inlets which, when blinded off, caused the pumps to cavitate, leading to coolant foaming. The system would often back up and coolant would flood the shop floor.

Now, with Jorgensen's EcoFilter® Conveyor in place, the customer has enjoyed uninterrupted 24hr/5 days per week production. The wedgewire filter built into the conveyor has stopped the fines from getting into the tank and the coolant is no longer foaming up. The customer stated, "This new EcoFilter® Conveyor has by far exceeded my expectations. The most problematic machine tool in our shop is now the most hassle free!"

Jorgensen will have the EcoFilter Conveyor on display at IMTS 2016.

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