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Samag Multi-Spindle HMC's and Deep-Hole Drilling Machines Now Available in North America from GMTA

Now available from German Machine Tools of America (GMTA), a full line of Samag machining centers, including multi-spindle, horizontal machining centers, deep hole drilling machines and combination milling/drilling machines, is offered for the North American market.

Samag, based in Saalfeld, Germany, with offices worldwide, engineers and builds a variety of multi-spindle machines, including the MFZ Series for large workpieces, the smaller, modular WBM Series for up to six spindle deep drilling and the combination TFZ Series, which offers users the ability to bore and mill complex cubical workpieces on four sides with a single clamping.

On the largest standard machine, large scale moldmaking is possible, with a maximum drilling depth of 2300mm (over 90"), 65mm (over 2-1/2") bore and a 50-ton capacity work table.

The company also supplies complete turnkey operations, including robotic articulation, parts handlers and transfer mechanisms for high-production work such as connecting rods and complete machining of differential housings.

GMTA Vice President Scott Knoy comments, "This new partner dramatically expands our capability in the large block milling market. Plus, with deep drilling technology and the combination machine concepts, we will be able to offer significant advantages to our current and potential customer base. We're excited to have the Samag name and reputation for quality machine tools added to our family."

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