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Movable Frame Press Provides 200 Tons of Pressing Power – Ideal for Assembly and Straightening Applications

The PMM 200MD Movable Frame Press has a hydraulically operated frame and cylinder allowing for a wide range of movement to accommodate even the largest pieces of metal. This press operates at 5.5 horsepower, and has rapid advance ram speed of 47 IPM.

The unit has 31 daylight inches, is 80 inches wide between the uprights, has a 3" thick table with at length of 98 inches, and a left-to-right work-head travel length of 57 inches. If you're picturing it in your head now, you're probably seeing a large piece of equipment with some exceptional strength behind it. But size isn't all the PMM 200MD Movable Frame Press has to boast.

This movable frame press has a double-acting cylinder with five-piece premium piston seals, precisely configured for a pressing operation that is smooth and effective. This system allows for more accurate pressing, facilitating a higher standard in production. Pressing pressure has been preset and is locked at the factory maximum for your safety. Rounding out this device, is an externally accessed oil-filter that includes an internal filter system which can be cleaned and used repeatedly.

The Advantages of Increased Control

Advances in technology have made the movable frame press more effective than ever before. Dake's PMM 200MD model offers unparalleled control over placement and exceptional safety measures. The bottom line on this machine is: heavy duty. It's designed to take on the tough jobs and provide exactly the correct amount of pressure. Whether you're assembling equipment or straightening a large piece of metal, this machine is built to sustain the load.

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