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Heavy Duty Bi-Metal Honing Fluid Designed for High-Performance Automotive OEM's

Houghton International has launched a new water-based metal removal fluid for use in automotive honing operations. HOCUT® 4650 improves machining performance by providing high lubricity and detergency while complying with all global chemical regulatory programs.

HOCUT 4650 contains a unique combination of additives providing high detergency enabling the product to run extremely clean, which is a key requirement in honing operations. The product has been extensively tested and is currently used at several major automotive OEM engine plants, demonstrating its superior performance.

One area in which this product has been successful is in honing cast iron cylinder sleeves in aluminum engine blocks with single-pass crank boring operations where a bi-metal cut is required.

HOCUT 4650 has an excellent EHS profile and is compliant with all global chemical regulatory programs, enabling a single product to be supplied locally to global operations. It is free of boron, formaldehyde releasing agents, secondary amines, chlorine, phenols, and nitrites.

"We are very pleased to launch an advanced bi-metal honing fluid for the automotive segment," said Donna Mazur, Houghton Americas senior product marketing manager. "HOCUT 4650 provides the lubricity, detergency, and environmental compliance demanded by high performance automotive OEM's."

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