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High-Capacity Hydraulic Gantry Lifts Up to 37 Feet and 667 Tons

Building on the success of the SBL1100, Enerpac introduces the SBL900 hydraulic gantry, the company's newest folding boom hydraulic gantry. Equipped with two stage lifting cylinders, the SBL900 lifts up to 37 feet and can handle up to 667 tons at the top of the second stage.

Designed to meet stringent safety requirements, the SBL900 complies with the safety standards set by ASME B30.1-2015. To ensure quality performance, each gantry is tested to 120 percent of capacity at full extension and witness tested by a qualified third party organization. The SBL900 is also CE compliant.

"Providing a more advanced solution than standard lifting systems, the SBL900 hydraulic gantry offers unique features such as a wireless control system and integrated self-propelled drive system," said Peter Crisci, Enerpac. "These features, combined with safe, reliable performance, allow our customers to satisfy their complicated lifting applications."

The SBL900 offers superior features to enhance lifting performance, including:

The control system allows users to operate the lift locally at each leg or use the Intellilift remote control. The wireless system ensures automatic synchronization of lifting with accuracy of 1 inch and automatic synchronization of travel with accuracy of 0.60 inch. This ensures continuous control and monitoring of lifting and travel operations while providing complete visibility of the load.

For enhanced durability, the SBL900 offers a sturdy, proven base frame that can withstand a variety of environmental conditions. It can also be equipped with a powered side shift for easy operation.

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