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Next-Generation 5-Axis Laser Machine Ideal for Welding, Cutting, and Marking

Control Micro Systems, Inc. has introduced a new, interpolated multi axis platform to accommodate high-power fiber and CO2 laser sources for high-volume welding, cutting or marking/engraving applications.

The standard 5-axis system integrates a 1000 x 600mm XY-axis stage, 150mm Z-axis stage and optional rotary beam delivery and/or part motion for small and large format workpieces.

Additional work height can be gained with the adjustable height work surface. Available focus/delivery optics configurations include fixed focus assemblies with coaxial assist gas capability for maximum power density and galvanometer scanning heads for maximum beam motion speed within the process envelope. Delivery optics may also include through-the-optics vision for high-accuracy process positioning.

The five-axis platform has been used in the aerospace components industry for precision stainless steel welding of airborne sensors, plastic welding within the automotive industry and the high-end appliance industry for precision laser marking of stainless steel control panels.

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