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Vacuum Generator Offers High Pressure and Flow for Heavy and Uneven Objects

New to the U.S. market, Pisco's Vacuum Generator Type VVV, Multi-Stage High Vacuum Ejector, boasts high vacuum pressure and flow with a low air supply for the transport of a variety of heavy and uneven objects during factory automation.

The three nozzles of the Type VVV operate together to produce more vacuum pressure than competitor models. Air supply of the Type VVV is 50.8 psi (compared to 58-72.5 psi of competitors), vacuum level is -27.8 inHg (compared to -20 inHg of competitors) and suction flow is 17.5 CFM.

Other features of this vacuum generator include easy maintenance and cleaning of nozzles and the diffuser, option of straight or elbow exhaust direction for space flexibility and a digital pressure gauge to check vacuum pressure.

Applications include suction transport for the automobile industry.

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