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The Secret to All of Your Machine Troubles Could Be Oil

If your company is facing decreasing production rates, increasing repairs, as well as mounting machine cleaning and flushing costs, you may have a varnish problem -- that thin film over internal surfaces and servo-valves, a result of degrading lube oil. Acculube's Vice President and General Manager, Chris Fisk, explains how to keep varnish from vandalizing your machines.

Varnish, a silent machine killer, can slowly cause your systems to deteriorate. You do everything you believe to be correct with maintenance and upkeep, yet still your machines are plagued with varnish.

The secret to all of your machine troubles could be oil. That is, the wrong choice in oil.

Companies that use the correct oil enjoy optimum protection on their high demand applications and long oil life. With premium lubricant, there are no fears that varnish will ruin your machines.

Formulation With a Balanced Approach

Your machines need a lubricant that provides protection and ensures peak performance. This lubricant should be well balanced and developed with application in mind.

Many lubricant products are not well balanced. These products contain fewer additives, which results in less equipment protection and shorter oil life. What few additives other products contain may counteract each other because of an incorrect selection of chemistries and incorrect additive concentrations that can result in the domination of one additive.

An unbalanced formulation can lead to increased maintenance requirements, unplanned downtime, shorter equipment life, and ultimately increased operating costs. These oils are not engineered with application in mind.

A balanced formulation approach achieves the standards of what oil should do for your systems.

The correct additive package is engineered to protect the equipment and oil. Equipment is safeguarded from everyday wear, contamination, and rapid oil aging. These lubricants have an exceptional resistance to varnish and sludge formation that keeps systems clean and in operation. They are designed to keep your machine running the way it should.

Why Worry about Contamination?

One of the primary equipment condemnation factors is oil contamination with water, dirt and other particulates. Oil life becomes compromised by a dirty system that causes wear, corrosion and deposit formation.

No matter what additives are in the oil, if contamination cannot be controlled and the system kept clean, oil and machine life will be compromised.

With outstanding contamination control, premium hydraulic oils protect your equipment. This protection includes minimizing the formation of deposits that can plug filters and gum-up valves, a shield against rust and corrosion, and a healthy overall system that operates properly with low levels of contaminates.

Lubricants should be formulated with the end application in mind, which provides outstanding contamination control and incomparable wear protection to result in cleanliness that lasts.

Worried that it is Too Late to Switch?

Using the wrong lubricant can wreak havoc on your system, and damage it beyond repair if the problem is not identified quickly enough. Some systems are already too far-gone, but for most, there is still a chance to turn things around.

There are ways to correct your poor oil problem. A system cleaner might slowly clean up the varnish built up within the machine. Better yet, a premium lubricant can help with this cleanup process, as well as prevent it from happening again.

While it might seem odd that one oil can help fix a problem that another oil created, correctly-made oil can actually clean up any varnish deposits with which it comes into contact. Additives in this lubricant pick up deposits and suspend them in the fluid so that a filter can remove them.

This process is achieved only by oil formulated with the correct additives that help in the suspension process and in a system devoid of clogged filters.

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