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New High Feed Milling Cutter Handles Wide Variety of Materials Including Heat Resistant Super Alloys

The latest positive axial rake, high feed cutter from Dormer Pramet allows it to be applied with multiple materials across various applications. The Pramet Penta HF is the most aggressive high feed cutter on the market suitable for machining a wide variety of materials, including heat treated and difficult to machine steels, Stainless steels and Heat Resistant Super Alloys (HRSA).

"Productivity starts at the cutting edge of the tool," Russ Reinhart, US National Sales Manager, explains. "Utilizing the Penta HF High Feed milling and PDMW inserts, we reduced the total cycle time by 20 minutes in a structural steel application. Our milling cutter was able to complete the operation with only one cutting edge thus eliminating machine stoppage to index the inserts while our competition required the operator to index inserts a total three times per component."

Features of the Penta HF and accompanying insert range include:

The Penta HF is a suitable option for lower horsepower applications with the versatility of faster feeds and multi-material application.

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